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Trade Stands

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Indoor Exhibitors are positioned within a framed marquee. Each marquee has a row of stands on both sides, with an island of stands, back to back in the centre. There are two avenues, 4 meters wide. Each marquee has double doors; both at the front and the back of the marquee. The size of each stand is 3metres by 3metres.
The trade stands expand in a diverse range of goods with a lot of great bargains.A sample of our wonderful indoor stands to date include, home baking, flower arrangements, homemade cards for weddings, birthdays etc, hand carved wooden items such as clocks, fruit bowls and center pieces for tables, homemade candles, model toy tractors and many many more. These arebut a few of the products at the Glenamaddy District ploughing and Agricultural Show on the day.
Each year this area has proven to be of great interest with indoor stand holders, so early booking is advisable! Trade stands must be booked before 12st September 2017. Please download the Trade Stand Application Form, fill it out and return it with a copy the Insurance Certificate and payment. For more information on indoor stands please contact Bernie on 086 0742743
Outdoor stand sites are three different sizes, large stand sites to suit articulated trucks, medium size stands to suit ridged trucks and small stand sites to suit commercial vans. Tents can also erected on these sites and generally the idea is to help each client to display and promote their business. Electrical power is not generally available but may be possible if specials arrangements prior to the show.
Where bookings and payments are made on time, these clients will be entitled to advertisement in the show catalogue. For more information on outdoor stands please call Bernie on 086 0742743.
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